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At The Gaunt Law Office, our attorney can help you deal with the consequences of OWI, drug charges and any other criminal charges in Morgan County.

OWI & Traffic Violations

OWI and Traffic Violations

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Drug-Related Charges

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Domestic Violence

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Violent Crime Charges

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Don’t Go It Alone

You never forget your first criminal arrest. People say it’s overwhelming and disorienting. Everyone has seen police dramas on television and at the movies, but it’s very different when the Sheriff’s deputy or Indiana state trooper is reading you your Miranda rights and putting you in the back of the cruiser.

What Should You Do?

That sense of not understanding exactly what has happened will work against you. You may say something you shouldn’t or make a decision you will regret. We can help. At The Gaunt Law Office, our attorney has years of experience with the criminal courts and he knows what you should do and can help you make the choices that will minimize the threat these charges pose for your future.

A Former Prosecutor Working For Your Defense

Hiring a former prosecutor as your criminal defense lawyer has many advantages. Our lawyer spent years prosecuting the charges you are facing. We know what the prosecution is looking for, how they construct cases and the likelihood of their accepting a plea on lesser charges.

We also know where to look for the weak spots in a case, when evidence is questionable and where the police often make mistakes. Every case is different, but years of experience allow our attorney to help you make the choices that can minimize the effects and put this matter behind you.

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