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Don't let police convince you to take field sobriety tests

Perhaps you were driving home one evening when you saw flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You began pulling to the side of the road to let the patrol car pass but then realized you were the officer's target. As the officer approached your vehicle, you may have wondered why he or she stopped you.

It became apparent rather quickly that the officer suspected you of drinking and driving. He or she asked you to exit your vehicle. Once you did, the officer asked you to participate in field sobriety tests. Before doing or saying anything, you should stop right there. You should know your rights and understand a few things about these tests first.

Was your child involuntarily removed from your home?

As a parent, you may understandably struggle with the number of responsibilities you face. Though you want to do right by your child, you may feel overwhelmed. Still, you would never intentionally do anything to hurt your child or put his or her well-being at risk.

Unfortunately, others may question your ability to act as a fit parent and wonder whether your child is suffering more harm than good while being in your care. In some instances, individuals may file a report with the Indiana Department of Child Services, which could result in the involuntary removal of your child from your home.

Indiana marijuana possession laws are strict

Around the country, attitudes about marijuana are changing. According to an April CBS News poll, 65 percent of Americans support legalized recreational marijuana and support is growing. It's up from 59 percent just a year earlier.

While states across the country decriminalize, legalize and relax marijuana laws, penalties for marijuana possession in Indiana remain strict.

Are there defenses to theft charges in Indiana?

Indiana takes theft and shoplifting seriously, which is why the consequences for such an act can be so significant. Depending on the value of the item, an individual could face up to six years in prison and pay fines of up to 10,000 dollars.

Individuals charged with theft or shoplifting may assume there is little to be said in way of defense strategies, but that would be incorrect. There are a few defenses that an individuals may be able to use, depending on his or her situation.

Consequences of a drugged driving conviction

Most drivers know that drinking and driving is illegal, as people often relate driving under the influence with alcohol. However, not many people know what the consequences are for driving under the influence of drugs, and that one may also face an operating while intoxicated (OWI) charge.

Driving under the influence of drugs is serious, which is why there are severe consequences for the crime in Indiana. In 2016, of all the tested individuals killed in driving accidents, over 50 percent of the drivers had two or more drugs in their system.


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