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A courtroom after an arrest is a frightening place. It is familiar only in the sense that you have seen on TV or at movies where events take place involving judges and attorneys. The courthouse in Morgan County won’t look like those, and for you, the outcome is very different. It is all too real; the judge you face can send you to jail or prison.

Our attorney at The Gaunt Law Office is no stranger to the courtroom. Joseph Gaunt is a former prosecutor who has participated in hundreds of trials, motions, arraignments, and sentencing hearings. We understand the procedures and are not intimidated by the surroundings. We provide the experienced representation you need while facing any criminal charge.

How The Real World Works

Facing a criminal charge can be truly disorienting. You may not fully understand what the future may hold if things go poorly in court. From a fine to time in an Indiana prison, the consequences can be life changing.

Criminal charges, whether OWI, drug offense, charges related to juvenile law or shoplifting can have a long-term effect on your life. Our lawyer has handled these types of cases for more than 20 years as a prosecutor. He understands the law, the procedures, the judges and how prosecutors build a case. He can review your facts and situation, and help you develop a defense that will minimize the effect of the charges on your future.

Whether a dismissal, a reduction of charges or some diversionary program that may allow you to avoid jail time, we can provide you with the big picture for your case and the legal options you have that minimize the long-term ramifications.

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