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Defense From Drug-Related Charges

One of the most common charges in Morgan County are drug-related charges. Marijuana and meth are widely available in the area and law enforcement are eager to stop and arrest anyone they suspect of drug possession or drug trafficking. Drug charges are very fact dependent, the outcome of a case can hinge on how much you are found with, whether you had any prior drug offenses and whether you had any firearms in your possession.

Our attorney at The Gaunt Law Office is very well acquainted with Indiana drug laws. He is a former prosecutor and has handled hundreds of cases involving marijuana or methamphetamine, as well as many other drugs. We know how serious these cases are and how damaging they can be to your future. If you are found with a large enough amount of a drug, you could be facing trafficking charges which can be much more severe than simple possession.

Overcharging And The Goal Of Prosecutors

The presence of a firearm may also lead to enhancement of your penalties. If you had a prior felony conviction or plea agreement and you are in possession of a firearm, that too, can be used to enhance potential penalties.

Prosecutors often ‘overcharge,’ meaning they add every possible charge that can be connected to your offense to intimidate suspects to accept a plea agreement because the risk of facing 25 or 50 years in prison are too great. Prosecutors want to plead out cases as quickly as possible and obtain as many “wins” as possible. Our lawyer understands these tactics and knows how to deal with them and work for the best outcome under the circumstances of your case.

Never Take A Plea Before Speaking To Your Attorney

You never want to accept a plea agreement without first speaking with an experienced attorney who is looking out for your long-term interests. Joseph Gaunt works to obtain the best outcome for your specific circumstances.

Depending on your facts, your case could be dismissed for police misconduct or there may be other issues with the evidence. You may also be eligible for a diversionary program that could allow you to avoid prison and receive treatment for your substance abuse problem.

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