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What to know about using mowers while under the influence

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Dui And Traffic Violations

In many parts of the country, including Indiana, it is a common sight to see people riding mowers, either to maintain their yards or travel someplace nearby.

Although nothing compares with the joy of a freshly cut lawn, some individuals feel it is okay to play with these machines while inebriated. The fact remains that using a mower under the influence can lead to dire consequences.

DWI laws apply to mowers

Drunk driving laws are not limited to automobiles. These rules extend to any type of motorized vehicle, including mowers. When someone operates such a device above the legal limit, that individual is at risk of receiving a charge.

Legal consequences

The punishments for driving a mower while intoxicated are usually severe. They include fines, suspension of one’s license and even possible jail time. The reason these penalties are so harsh is the belief that increasing their severity will create a more effective deterrent.

Safety concerns

While it may seem less risky than driving a truck or RV while drunk, operating a mower while buzzed is extremely dangerous. The reality is that drunk drivers are more likely to lose control and get into an accident, no matter what vehicle they are using.

A recent study shows that lawnmower incidents are, on average, responsible for the deaths of 90 Americans each year. That is a greater mortality rate than that attributed to bears, sharks or alligators.

Operating mowers while intoxicated is neither safe nor legal. There are good reasons why DWI laws apply to all motorized vehicles. Everyone should avoid using lawn trimmers when drinking and hire someone else to perform any pressing yard work.