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Flashing lights in your rearview mirror is never a good thing. Whether a Martinsville police officer, a Morgan County Sheriff’s deputy or an Indiana state police trooper, a traffic stop can open a Pandora’s box of problems for you. Simply speaking with law enforcement carries risks if they suspect you of drunk driving.

An Experienced Former Prosecutor

Our attorney understands the risks you face. At The Gaunt Law Office, our attorney is a former prosecutor who has handled hundreds of these cases from both the prosecution side as well as for the defense.

We know the constitutional requirements for traffic stops and how they should be performed. We understand when law enforcement may have made a mistake or violated procedures, potentially making the evidence gathered inadmissible, which can lead to OWI charges being dismissed or dropped.

OWI Charges Can Cost You Your License And Much More

If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is reported in excess of .08, you are guilty of drunk driving. Indiana has a ‘per se’ law regarding BAC, so the prosecutor does not need to produce any evidence of impairment beyond your BAC. However, .08 or greater BAC is not an automatic conviction, as how the test was given, if the breath-testing machine was properly calibrated and maintained, all this may influence the validity of the reading.

Protecting You And The Constitution

Our attorney works to vigorously protect your rights and the constitution. A OWI traffic stop presents an officer or trooper with an opportunity to closely examine you and your vehicle. They may even ask if they can search you or your vehicle.

If they see something they believe indicates criminal activity, like syringes, scales or they smell drugs like marijuana, your problems can explode far beyond a traffic citation. They may also bring in a drug sniffing dog, even if you refuse consent for a search of your vehicle. Our attorney understands Fourth Amendment search and seizure law and what to look for during a traffic stop to determine if the police violated the constitution.

Don’t Forget The Administrative Penalties

In addition to the criminal charges, OWI violations carry administrative penalties. If you refused a breath or blood test, your license can be automatically suspended for up to one year by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). The loss of driving privileges can cost you your job and your future.

You may be eligible for a ‘hardship license’ ‘specialized driving privileges’ during this period and our lawyer can explain the process, but you should act quickly, as driving with a revoked license is a separate criminal charge on top of any other charges you may face.

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